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Our services and products

Services and Products

Our goal is to get to know you and your goals, so we can provide guidance and best suite product trading as you make decisions for you and also your family's future and well being

Medical Products

We distribute medical equipments and electronic health care equipments.

IT Products | Services

We deal with IT solutions, Office equipment and general office supplies.

Food Products

Some of our food products that we deal with: Rice, Maize, Sugar and Beans

Construction ans Building materials

We deal with Cement, Steel products, Wood Product, Bitumen and Fittings

Consultancy Services

We do Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, and Industrial Relations.
Apscope Limited
The Company has been growing its product portfolio every year. This has seen the company grow its revenues at the rate of 25% per annum. This growth has also seen the company expand its operations within the entire Eastern Africa Region i.e Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Southern Sudan. The company is run by a Board of, the management team of the company is headed by the Managing Director.

There are four departments in the company i.e

Sales & Marketing,


Logistics and


Our Objective
Our objective is to cut down the cost of materials to our customer and improve their efficiency and profitability. We do this buy focusing on price, Quality, and Delivery speed (PQD) We negotiate with manufucturers and obtain bulk discount that are passed to our customers. These huge discount are not available to individual small and medium scale buyers. Our cusomer end up geeting the most competitive prices. this has a huge impact on their cost and profitability. We deal with high quality outputs and appropriate reputation. This reduces costs and ensure quality. Our efficient logistics enables serve our customer promptly. Orders are fullfilled on time. We work with our customer to develop critical paths, materials resource planning (MPR) and therefore delivery schedules. Our flexibility enables us cope any inherent variations that may occur from time to time. We are dependable and reliable, in partnership

Our current annual target turnover is Kshs. 300 million. We aim for an annual turnover of Kshs. 1Billion for the next 3years
Apscope currently covers the Kenyan market. The market scope is ratil outlet, wholesalers, contractors and institutions. The current market covers Nairobi the surrounding region, and West Kenya. We are spreading to other regions soon.
A substantial portion of our products are from local manufacturers and East African common market. Products are also sourced from countries such as: USA, UAE, China, Pakistan, India, Iran, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan
Our capabilities help you stay informed about your product trading and manage your everyday business needs.

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