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Construction and building materials

Construction and building materials


We distribute the four main cement brands i.e Blue Triangle, Bamburi, Rhino and Mombasa cement.

Steel products

We distribute stell product from the local steel manufacturers, e.g. stell bars, iron sheets, fencing wire, nails etc

Wood products

These include wooden electric poles, block boards, ceiling boards etc


We source our Bitumen from Iran


We deal in building fittings and finishing e.g. Tiles and Electrical fittings.

The target Market

Apscope currently covers the Kenyan market. The market scope is retail outlets, Contractors, Hardware outlets, Home Builders and institutions. The current market covers Nairobi the surrounding regions, and West Kenya. We are spreading to other regions soon.

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Future outlook

Apscope will soon grow to spread its operations in all regions in Kenya and beyond. Our eyes are on the entire East Africa market.

This will be achieved through grouth in market share, by growing our commodity portfolio continuously.

We shall innovate service delivery, and make a difference by exceeding customer expectations.

Reach us and equire for any medical product in our list.
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